Shisha: Night Club Owners Pay Attention

Who would think that Shisha could be so profitable ? Well for one night club owner, he is laughing all the way to the bank, with his latest promotion been a hit. Shisha Nights are proven to be quite a hit and profitable too amongst the younger clubbers, who seem to enjoy something a bit

Hype Around Personal Trainer London

There is a hype at the moment, almost a certain buzz in London at the moment, if you haven’t heard, it’s fitness! Keeping fit, is the new thing and it’s looking set to stay. We recently interviewed a very busy office worker, who works in the hustle and bustle at canary warf. Here is what

Web Design Newcastle Just Got Creative

So my wife was looking for a new site to be design for her local business in Newcastle, and it was a nightmare, trying to sift through so many agencies, freelancers claiming that they can all deliver you your dream website. Some of them I have no doubt they can deliver but quoting £7000 for

SEO Newcastle: why experts are the best solution?

Every small businessman has their own website. The basic objective of having your own website is to make your business popular and get more visitors. Some businesses are solely based on the number of visitors they get like online shopping websites or bloggers. If they do not have great traffic, less visitors for them, which